Meet You

3 Year Journal Exercise

Imagine you are having a perfect morning.

You wake up fully refreshed in an amazing bed. You have a delicious breakfast looking out over a breathtaking view. Maybe you’re alone, maybe you’re with people you love spending time with.

You decide to go for a drive in the car of your dreams. You drive down a picturesque road and the weather is perfect. The perfect song is on the radio. You arrive in a very nice neighborhood with beautiful houses, landscaping, trees.

You pull up to an awesome house and knock on the door. You three years in the future answers. You grin, greet yourself, and hug. You welcome present you in.

What is the future you like? What feeling do you get when you see yourself?

You have a conversation. How does this you spend their time? What are you known for being the best at?

Legendary publisher and marketing strategist Kyle Wilson walked me through this exercise at the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind on Friday morning and it was POWERFUL.

(By the way, if you don’t know, Kyle Wilson is awesome and the best and the people he associates with are out of this world.)

Does your future self have any advice for you?

I think there is so much value in sitting down and thinking ahead, even in an abstract way like this. I walked away with one valuable piece of advice from my future self. She said, “You have everything you need to create the life you want now.” I know that’s absolutely true. My future self was expanded, confident, comfortable, and entirely chill. I knew then, as I talked with her, that I only needed to give myself permission to live in that place.

Sit down with your journal and write through this exercise. Let me know what comes up for you!

If you want a glimpse of what a mastermind is like, add me on Snapchat! I’m takeezi.

Talk to you soon.


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