I offer complete book editing from first draft to final manuscript (recommended 3-5 rounds of editing). The #1 Amazon bestselling books Passionistas, The Little Black Book of Fitness, and Mom & Dadpreneurs were crafted in six rounds of editing and checks.

The following five steps show you an overview of the editing process I recommend, but each book and author is different, so we will tailor the process to your needs. Fees are structured by the hour to give you maximum flexibility. Depending on the quality of writing, you can expect an editing speed of 3-6 pages per hour.

I am in high demand, and I keep my table full of projects. However, there is a waitlist and projects rotate quickly! If you are interested in working with me, I suggest you contact me right away to ensure that hold a slot for your book when it is ready. If you’re ready to contact me, scroll all the way to the bottom for my contact information.

My Recommended Editing Process:

  1. Content and Structural Edit and Overall Formatting – In the first round, I do an overview of the entire work and give feedback on elements such as quality of content, strength of message, organization of chapters and sections, etc. I will give feedback in written comments and, optionally, an in-depth phone call. You have the opportunity to make big changes here.
  2. Line Edit – In the second round, I make sure every sentence, word, letter, period, semicolon, and space in your book is in the perfect place. This is what most people think of when they think of editing.
  3. Second Line Edit (Recommended) – It’s best to check these things twice. We will often find further errors to correct in an additional line edit.
  4. Proofread – Less intensive than a line edit, a proofread catches any errors or typos we have missed before publication.
  5. Final check(s) (Recommended) – One more check through everything before the book is formatted and after the book is formatted (to make sure nothing has gone awry).


Editing Will Include:

Editing is very unlike reading for pleasure. It involves careful consideration of a long list of aspects. Following is a partial list of elements I address when editing your manuscript.

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
    • Especially compound words and every name of a person, place, company, or other proper noun
  • Syntax
    • Reworking rough sentences or transitions
  • Eliminating unnecessary words
  • Transitions from one topic to another
  • Overall topic organization
  • Logic
  • Word choice
  • Accessibility
    • Ensuring the author presents enough information so readers with various levels of expertise can understand and eliminating unnecessary info gaps
    • Define abbreviations in captions as well as in the main text so skimming readers don’t have to search to find the abbreviation’s meaning
  • Consistency
    • For example, did the author use an abbreviation throughout, or did she use the full term sometimes and the abbreviation other times?
  • Appropriate citation of references
  • Jargon
    • Making sure jargon is used appropriately if it needs to be used at all
  • Bias
    • Considering the potential impact of statements on people with other identities including those of other sex, gender, marital status, race, nationality, socio-economic class, age, sexuality, etc.
  • Style
    • Including formatting, uppercase versus lowercase, standardizing references, trademarks versus generic names
  • Presentation
    • For example, what works best for reader comprehension here: straight text, a bulleted list versus a numbered list, a sidebar, a table, a figure?
  • Accuracy of major historical events, dates, and locations
  • Consistency in character and place traits as well as event chronology
  • Unclear or illogical scene choreography and logistics
    • For example, making sure you don’t open a door to find something surprising, then are standing behind a closed door in the next sentence.
  • Story arc, character development and viewpoint, plot pacing, emotional impact, and genre conventions

Wherever necessary, I will prepare style sheets that cover items such as terms and conventions used in the manuscript, characters and relationships, setting details, and story timeline. For a further glimpse at my editing philosophy, check out the writing mechanics classic The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.

While I make notes on all of the items above, my imperative is to preserve the author’s unique voice. All of these elements may not be addressed in the first round of editing, but before the book is finalized, they will all be checked thoroughly.


Do you have any questions? Are you interested in working with me?

Send me an email with BOOK in the subject at hello@takarasights.comI look forward to working with you!