Believe Do

I Think I Can

Your limiting beliefs are powerful and, if you let them, they will keep you from accomplishing anything in your life. I did not believe for a for a long time that I would have the things I wanted. I thought I didn’t deserve them. I thought I was too young, too weird, too evil. I prevented myself from pursuing my goals by telling myself that I would have those things someday. That I would be great someday. Some of you have already learned that someday never comes. We only have today.

I had friends who believed in me. Their belief was the catalyst I needed. Inside, I had been having the same conversations over and over for years. Before I met my best friends, I had parents and teachers who believed in me, but honest and inexplicably, the tipping point was having peers whom I loved see the potential in me that I had only ever hoped for. This dialogue started a shift. One day, I just began to accept myself for who I was. After years of telling myself the same lies, I saw through the bullshit of my limiting beliefs.

This infinitesimal moment has had a MAJOR impact on my life. My growth became a boulder rolling downhill. I know that the accomplishments I am most proud of have only been possible because I have cut through the I-can’t-because…s. It’s not a one-time panacea. I have had to learn to accept myself again and again. I still find old and new limiting beliefs in the corners of my mind and have to fight to make them conscious and slay them. Each time is bliss. My brain feels awake and the possibilities endless. I have news for you, and my future self, you control what you think.

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