Los AngelesBaby!

Thank You for my Big Life Moment: New in Los Angeles

Big news! Takara Sights is no longer a Bay Area (Bay Area adjacent) girl! That’s right. As some of you have already heard, I’ve moved to Los Angeles!

I unpacked the final box today, so it’s officially official.

I am so excited to be joining many of my friends and clients in LA. This is a town full of life and action and creative juices that I am so excited to tap into as I continue editing the books of successful entrepreneurs and writing what is close to my heart.

In fact, I have been busy with projects since I got here and the table just keeps getting fuller! I’ll be cluing you in on who are some of the amazing people I’ve been working with and what they’re special talents are soon.

Thank you to each of you who pushed me to take the leap, who are supporting and celebrating me. I can’t even believe it. This is going to be fun!

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