What Is A Passionista

What is a Passionista?

Passionista is a new word. It has rapidly been gaining popularity in league with the boss babe, girl boss movement and made it big when Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables hit #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

But, it’s still new enough that I think some of you may be in the dark. If you’ve been wondering “What is a passionista?”, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled research from passionista interviews on we-rule.com, definitions from urbandictionary.com, insights from Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables, and my experience as the Passionistas chief editor to create the definitive guide to what a passionista is. And here it is.

There are 7 qualities that every passionista embodies.

A passionista follows her passion and seeks happiness.

Above all else, a passionista is a person (usually a woman) who turns her passions into a paycheck. She has tremendous love for what she does and constantly strives to integrate business and pleasure. She designs fun into all aspects of her life because fun is the expressway to happiness. Passionistas believe everyone deserves happiness and that happy people are changemakers. Passionistas are obsessed with changing the world for better through happiness.

A passionistas has major ambition.

Passionistas are women with a burning desire to create something of their own. She is ambitious to prove herself, create a legacy, and make an impact. She is committed to paying the price for achieving her dreams and prides herself on being in control. Her drive is relentless, and she always wants more. Those who love her describe her as having a zest for life and big dreams. Even so, she is grateful for what she has.

A passionista is persistent to a fault.

There are always challenges; there are always things that get in the way of achieving your goals. Whatever they are, money, relationships, health, limiting beliefs, a passionista will not let them stop her in her pursuit. She is confident, and once she has decided, she pursues her goals passionately against all odds. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way on her path to personal and professional success. Her passion, integrity, and grit allow her to make sacrifices to achieve her goals. She approaches every daunting challenge with a success mindset.

A passionistas strives to grow in all areas for the rest of her life.

With a constant thirst for growth and personal development, a passionista fears being stagnant. Generally, passionistas are voracious readers and seek guidance from mentors whenever possible. She believes in abundance and has a growth mindset. She values highly continual growth in all areas of her life because experience has shown her that this is the path to achieving her goals and remaining successful.

A passionista has a success mindset.

Her ever-present knowledge of how short life is enables her to push past her fears and strive for happiness and positive world impact. She nurtures her mind, body, and soul in balance with intentional discipline and unwavering gratitude. She is an optimist whose worldview is contagious. Her business is as much a part of her values as it is integral to how a passionista views the world.

A passionista lives with purpose for serving others.

Passionistas have faith in their purpose and their identity. While they too undertake a grand journey to discover their path, they absolutely believe that they are meant to serve others. She uses her talents and skills to spread love and positivity everywhere she goes. She gives more than she takes. She is always true to who she is while pursuing her dreams and helping others.

A passionista is a role model.

A passionista embodies the ideals she believes will make the world a better place. Her honesty, leadership, integrity, and discipline combined with her flair and undeniable style inspires others to follow her lead. Her progress unknowingly gives others permission to be strong and fabulous in their own right.

What do you think? What other qualities do passionistas possess? Which of these qualities do you possess?

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